Thursday, January 12, 2012

Say cheeeeeeeeese!

Here is just a little thing I'd like my readers to do for today. Start by trying an experiment; If you've already started your day, no worries, you can still start now. As you go about your daily routine, make sure you smile at everyone you come across. Even if it's that one person you work with that you can't stand. A smile at a stranger can go along way. And as you start to see that you are making others happy, you yourself will have a change inside you. Expect good things to happen no matter what occurred the day before. Bottling things up will only make things messy. Don't you agree? So let go of all the hostility, all the worries of your past and those "problems" that seem to distract you from the things that are right in front you that we take for granted. Instead of pondering on that "problem" like its an ambiguous test, focus on one thing you can do to make your day better. Being optimistic can be good sometimes. And if you take at least one step towards resolving it, eventually there will be a solution.

~Aubrei Albin

What I told a friend yesterday: "Do you realize your joy affects the entire world? To begin with when you are in joy you don’t inflict negativity on anybody, which means you don’t harm anybody. But more than that your joy touches those around you, then it touches those around them, and so it continues rippling out touching one person after another. You are one person but YOU have the power to affect the entire world!" – Rhonda Byrne

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