Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Easter has come early!!!!

I've been reading this book lately to help enhance my creativity. One of the exercises I'd like to share with you is called, "Incubate a New Project." I happen to have a TON of projects I am working on. ADHD...I don't think so. Ambitious.... VERY. This exercise is not only easy, but its fun.

What you'll need: 

1. a bag of plastic Easter eggs (dozen)
2. twelve slips of small paper
3. a pen or marker

How it works:
1. On each slip, write down an idea of something you've been wanting to do for awhile. These ideas could be for example, "Learn how to grow herbs.", "Take a cooking class" or  maybe "Run a marathon."
2. Once you have written on a slip, fold it up and put it in its own individual egg.
3. Here, you have two options. A) Hide the eggs were you'll regularly run into them. Example: Car, laundry basket, office, freezer, ect. or B) Put them in a basket or bowl. Once a week, take one egg and say yes to which ever creative idea you pick.

Not only will you get that pesky TO DO list out of the way, but you open up to being more open minded and creative in your daily life. This could also be a great idea for your bucket list and doing this in moderation, once a month.  Hope you have fun and enjoy!!!

If you like this book and would like to purchase it, click this link>>>  The Creativity Book by Eric Maisel

Luvs, Aubrei
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"Each conquest of distance reveals greater distance." Martin Marty


Tim Koch said...

Wow. I not only think this is a very creative, but also constructive method to achieving goals that never seem to get done. I'm very glad I have stumbled upon this post, what a great way to start accomplishing tasks in the new year!

Aubrei Richale' Albin said...

Thanks Tim! I'll post more stuff like this through out the year! And the months to come. XO