Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jesus, Mary and Joesph... OH MY!!!

I guess the world was suppose to end yesterday. They great lord almighty himself was to come back and make himself know. Then while people were lining up like they were about to meet Obama, the rapture would start and all the good people of the land would be saved. Meanwhile, the people who were naughty little boys and girls and marked the "sign of the beast", would be tortured for 5 months then go to hell. AFTER,  he would become an arsonist and set the world on fire, forever destroying it. The End.  Hmmm.... Well, I'm still here... and your still here. Either, it never happened. Or it did and this is our personal hell we still live in. Unsure of how to approach religion, I don't want to sit here typing this and sounding completely ignorant. BUT this is what one Harold Camping said was to happen. An 89 year old, preacher, who is obviously senile. Not only did he predict this twice before but he was wrong once again. Hello people!!! WAKE UP!!! It's like the story of Chicken Little. The fox comes along to eat the chickens in the pin. But in order for him to get his hands on all the tasty chickens and avoid the farmers shot gun, he must come up with a plan to get them. He decides he will prey on someone who is innocent and doesn't know any better. Here is where Chicken Little comes in. The fox convinces him that the sky is falling. After clucking around in panic and riling everyone up, the Cocky Mayor calms everyone down and reassures them that "it was just a piece of wood, Chicken Little was just overreacting." The fox then comes up with another plan. "Plant seeds of doubt in the community of chickens about their Leader and then he will doubt himself." SO this happens and they all decide to listen to Chicken Little which leads them to being eaten by the big bad fox.

All of this nonsense about the world ending could have caused so much chaos and destruction over one mans theory. I am respectful of most religions. And although I might not understand it all that clear I try not to be to judgmental. But the origin of the bible isn't precise. Where did it come from really???? And who actually wrote it?? Over YEARS and YEARS this book must have been rewritten and edited just a smudge... if not the whole thing. I do believe in a higher power... trust me, there is something out there. But believing in a man I have never met and believing that the bible is a magical book and if I whisper magical words called "prayers".. Everything will just magically get better. No. That is not how it works. I am a very optimistic person. But that is just silly to me. I am sure there once was a man named Jesus (which I like to refer to as Jesus, with a silent J), and he did many miraculous things. But with over 20 religions to choose from, which one do I choose?!!!  I think we should believe in ourselves and once we can learn to loves ourself and be more conscious of what is going on around us... then will we all be in our own personal heaven here on Earth. Well, there you have it. My opinion on that subject. This is not to discourage you in anyway or tell you that you are a completely idiot for believing that the Bible is a magical book who tells a story of a magical man with magic powers.... *cough* It's my way of getting out what I feel inside. So continue with your faith. Don't stop believing. Cause maybe one day unicorns will come back into existence. Who knows...

“Religions die when they are proved to be true. Science is the record of dead religions.” Oscar Wilde

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