Monday, November 1, 2010

When you wish upon a star.....

It's November!!! Finally time to hibernate into a mode of focusing and relaxation. Well, somewhat. Last year I didn't go out for 6 months. I stuck to my work and my studies. This year it's a little more intense than that. I have a few goals I am working towards and it is going to take a lot of my time, dedication and passion to achieve them.

1. Writing a book.
       Yes, I know it sounds crazy but I have been wanting to do this for a really long time now. I can't really give to much away but here are some teasers that you may have seen before on my blog:

I have a few more pieces but nothing i can post or I will give too  much away. I am really excited about making my first steps towards my dreams and ambitions. This will be my first huge success. *does a dance*

2. Becoming a professional dancer.
    I love dancing, what girl doesn't? I love acting or dressing up. I had 4 costumes for Halloween this year. A Ballerina Kitty Kat, s doll from the 1940's, a dead bride turned vampire and a ninja. I enjoyed dressing up and playing around with my creations. And last, I love music.  You can't have dancing without music. My main goal is to become a dancer for Cirque Du Soleil or like one of the girls from Nine (the musical)  .
The rush I get from expressing myself in such a way feels good. I enjoy entertaining people. I love the intensity of the music. So right now I am working towards this goal slowly. I have made a list of dance classes I will be taking.  I do yoga everyday. I work out 5x a week. And I never stray from what I want.

3. Reading 2 books a month.
Some people may think this is a piece of cake, Others might not read at all. Especially when you have a heavy work load and tons of homework. But I take 30 minutes to an hour a day to read. I read the newspaper almost everyday to exercise my brain so reading doesn't become a task. Learning new words that I hear or see each day. Broadening my vocabulary and English.

SO that's a little about what I am doing as of today. Considering it is the 1st of November, My goals start now. More to come and any feedback is wonderful. XOXOOX

"Live each day as if it might become your last."  Be Italian- Fergie - Nine (the  musical)

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