Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Want me to throw a lasso around the moon....

It's that time of the year again, and you know what that means! Sitting once again single on your couch, with tissues all around you, stuffing chocolate in your face and watching the classic Notebook, wishing you had someone to cling to. For some it's the opposite. And why shouldn't it be! As girls in grade school, we spend our days daydreaming of Valentine's Day after the Christmas and New Year's Eve Holidays pass. We wish the boy we had our eye on would get us a card or write us a letter that confesses his undying love. And we wait patiently at our desk to see if he sent us flowers. Television advertisements and romantic movies glorify this so called "holiday" to plant a seed in our fragile young minds from the very beginning. But why shouldn't it be like When Harry met Sally, or It Happened One Night? Why shouldn't it be like a 1940's black and white movie where we are swept off our feet and ride off into the sunset? Even Disney movies hype it up that we get to live happily ever after. In pretty much every movie! So there is no way of getting around it, we were doomed from the start. Let's face it, this day does not make single people feel any better about "love". How about instead of putting so much thought about being in love with another individual or actually being in a relationship, we focus on just LOVE  in general. For instance, I love my new laptop. I love the guy at the Starbucks for making such an amazing latte. I love the person who held the door open for me today. I love that even though it is somewhat raining out, the beauty of the sound and smell of the rain makes up for it being so shitty out. I especially love, the people I have in my life and the things that make me…well, ME. So wipe away that grim look on your face and go do something for you. Or maybe for someone else who wouldn't expect it. Don't do it out of expecting something in return, do it because making someone happy (including yourself), is more gratifying then waiting for something to happen. Even if it is just holding the door open or giving a smile, that small gesture will go along way. 

Happy BELATED Valentine's Day!!

Love, Aubrei

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Abrahn Aguilar said...

LOVE is a four letter word.